During the start of the year, many want to make changes and get healthier.

A common mistake I see some people make is to dive straight into a weight loss program without having given much thought to their 'why'. 

This means they start the year motivated and full of enthusiasm, making some significant changes to their diet, like reducing or eliminating sugar or fried foods.

Others may have a New Year’s resolution to get fitter and sign up for a gym membership. 

But after a few months of doing it, the determination begins to decrease and there are many reasons I see this happening including:

• Feeling deprived as one still craves their favourite foods which include desserts, chocolate, mithai, crisps, pakoras, etc 
• Being restricted as one cannot socialise and eat out 
• Having to cook separate meals as one cannot eat traditional foods 
• Not enjoying “diet” foods which taste bland and boring
• Not seeing the results expected 
• Don’t have much time

Can you relate to any of these reasons for giving up? And has your main goal in the past been focused just on weight loss? If yes, you need to read on as you will learn what to do.

Identify your 'why'

I understand where you are, as this is what my clients used to struggle with, but once they identified their “why,” they were not giving up on themselves. 

If your “why” is only weight loss you know this cannot happen overnight, so you should have other long and short-term goals to motivate you. Some suggestions are:

- To improve health markers for blood pressure, cholesterol and lower risk of diabetes
- To look and feel good about yourself
- To wear your clothes comfortably and regain your confidence
- Increase in energy levels to keep up with your children after work
- To have the stamina to walk briskly or go up the stairs without getting out of breath

So, this coming year, don’t have your “why” just to look good for a wedding or birthday party but also include “whys” that motivate you to continue in the long term.

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