Aamena Adam talks to me candidly about her love for natural skincare products and how Escay Apothecary a niche indie skincare brand was born.

When did you start up Eskay Apothecary? And what made you do it?
Eskay Apothecary was born as a result of my personal journey into self-healing, I’ve always had an interest in natural and holistic remedies, (passed on from my grandmother and mother), (approx. 4years ago) Due to poor health I decided to make the decision to resign from my job, I couldn’t get the answers I needed from Gps or specialists so I began my own research, I was fascinated by traditional remedies and medicines from around the world and various cultures including my own, namely Ayurveda. 

At this time in my life I realised just how important self-care is, something which most of us let go of or don’t even give regard to as we become so busy with work / family life and responsibilities. 

I tried and tested many holistic remedies (spanning 2 years), I was astonished to discover how effective some of these treatments were, I knew that most of the people in my social circles had little if no knowledge of alternative medicines/ therapies, but if only they knew! 
So I started sharing my knowledge of self-healing on my social media, the response was amazing, people wanted to learn more, they too wanted to make more informed choices and improve their health and lifestyle. 

I soon realised from the messages I was receiving that skin/ hair care was an area of great interest, I began focusing on this and sharing diy tips, that’s when the demand started… “Can I buy this?” “do you sell these items?”
So I did! Within a few weeks I set up the business and decided to make a career out of it! 
My mission was to empower people, through education, to make informed choices for a positive and healthier lifestyle. 

Do you feel there is a demand for more natural based products? 
Without a doubt, people over the age of 25 particularly women who are caregivers/ parents are making the time and effort to learn and are seeking out high performing natural products, however there is still much confusion and conflicting information in the field, it overwhelms consumers. 

A product can contain less than 2% of a natural ingredient to be labelled ‘Natural’, whereas my products are over 96% natural, pure & raw ingredients. Apart from preservative I avoid any other synthetic additives. I also do not use any botanicals extracted by solvents or forms of alcohol.

What are your best sellers and why? 
My bestsellers list consists of products that give results almost instantly or within 1-2 weeks of regular use, 

1. Manuka & Matcha Green Tea Face Polish – the first product in the line, an exfoliator which in 1 use can repair, smoothen & brighten the complexion, it deeply moisturises the skin at the same time making it an excellent ‘skin prep step’ before makeup application. 

2. Regenerating serum – created as an eye serum to depuff tired eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles, this has now come to be used as a facial serum for tightening the skin, fading pigmentation and healing acne / superficial wounds and scarring. 

3. Ayurveda Hair Oil- a hair loss remedy, has proven to strengthen roots to prevent breakage, thicken weak thinning hair and actually regrow hair! This is one product that has truly restored people’s faith in natural remedies, there is a cure! (I always advise people to consult their GPs to rule out any underlying medical causes).

4. Bee Bee Balm- this was a product I made for myself, to prevent (limit damage) and heal stretchmarks, after my 1st child, it took approx. 2 years to get it right, its done wonders for my body confidence, and during my 2nd pregnancy I didn’t get a single new stretch-mark! This is also another multi-purpose product which has healed Eczema / Psoriasis and many other derma conditions. 

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What has the feedback been like from your clients? 
My customers are incredibly supportive, they have shaped and grown the product line into existence, their feedback always mentions their surprise and awe of how effective my products are, they trust me and feel so much more confidence in themselves, reassured that they can self – heal with the right guidance and products. 

Do you feel the beauty industry is saturated with too many skincare products? 
The beauty industry is booming, it does feel like a minefield for most people, with so many options, celebrity endorsements, beauty influencers etc creating hype, its difficult to know where to go and which brand to trust. I think therefore it is so important for individuals to focus on what THEIR skin needs. Everyone is different; what works for one person may not work for you.

What do you feel sets you apart from the rest, what’s unique about your products? 
I believe what my clients value the most, is the guidance and education I can offer, I don’t just sell products. I am my first customer, I create raw, potent, skincare that delivers what is promised, coupled with skincare guidance to achieve the skin confidence we all desire. 
I have a genuine passion to teach others what I have learnt. I feel I am a part of a growing movement within my community of self-actualisation. 

Are certain products more challenging to create than others? 
YES, artisan skincare can only be created to a certain level without the need of a lab/ chemist, as I begin to develop new ranges with more complex formulations I will be teaming up with professionals in the field. 

I am currently working on a CBD infused range which I am so excited about, this will take me on a whole new journey within the industry and work with chemists/ formulators of leading skincare manufacturers/ brands.

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