Awais Chishty's amazing drawings aim to celebrate the traditional Asian bride and break down stereotypes. Here, he tells us what inspired him to create his masterpieces.

The 19-year-old's vivid and poignant creations are an amalgamation of traditional and modern Asian culture through his unique portrayals of Asian brides.

Awais, said he first turned to art when he was seven years old after he attempted to replicate brides he saw on family wedding videos.

He revealed how the desi culture influenced his work.

He said, “I’ve always been creative and interested in all things beautiful and glam from a young age. 

“Asian weddings have also played a big part in my work along with classic Bollywood movies like Devas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. 

“Drawing was a passion when I was young and allowed me to express myself. 

“I was hooked on family wedding films and would watch them repeatedly and then recreate what I saw. 

“This would inspire me to create bridal drawings and dresses.

“I love the amount of emphasis that is put on the bride’s appearance on her big day and I’m blessed that I’m able to create that on canvas.”

Asian Image:

Picture: @bridalartsbychishty

Asian Image:

Each piece takes Awais from six to ten hours to complete. His work, as seen on his Instagram page @bridalartsbychishty is all done by hand, using pencils. Awais explains the artistic process.

“The pencils I swear by are the Caran D’ache pencils. They’re super pigmented which lets me create an airbrushed effect to enhance the realistic effect.

“With a layer of water on top, the water-soluble pencils sink into the paper leaving a flawless base which I always like to achieve.

“I try my best to keep the face very subtle with sharp eyes and perfectly carved lips. Like makeup, it’s enhancing someone’s image.

“The eyes are the most important feature. Lashes can either make them look smaller or bigger. The best lashes I like to draw are the wispy style that compliment the lids of the model in the image.”

Asian Image:

Picture: @bridalartsbychishty

Awais admits he has faced challenges and has been at the receiving end of a certain degree of prejudice during his trajectory, making him adamant he will challenge gender stereotypes.

“Obviously being a boy in the Asian bridal community, there’s a certain belief that this field is only for women and I think it’s time to finally change that.

“I’m here to break that stereotype! 

“When you reach a certain level of success, people stop supporting you. We are just as skilled and just as passionate. 

“For males, it’s like no one can be happy for you because the Asian bridal scene is just for women. Some of the most talented makeup artists are men.

“I’ve always been supported by my family and close friends. However, like every industry, it’s hard getting recognised. 

“Of course, you get the trolls now and then because I am a male, but I never let anyone dull my sparkle.

“I do it for myself, my audience and my amazing clientele, no one else. 

“I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it. It’s like therapy for me.”