We speak to university student Azeema Tania who has launched her own version of the trendy new beverage - Boba tea.

Boba tea, also known as Bubble tea has recently exploded into the mainstream, although this unique drink formed its roots in Taiwan in the 1980s.

Traditional Boba is a drink served with fruit or milk infused with various tea bases from jasmine, black, green and oolong, served hot or cold.

Having become the go-to delicacy throughout Asia, North America and Europe, university student Azeema Tania has brought her own version of this trendy beverage to Bolton.

Azeema explains how she took an innovative approach to this traditional drink.

“I taught myself how to make Boba by doing my own research on what works best and what I prefer in taste. 

“I use a jasmine green tea base as it gives the perfect balance of being herbal and aromatic against the fruity sweetness of the chosen syrup and the bold flavoursome popping pearls that burst in the mouth.

“The flavours I make currently only include my favourite fruit flavours: passion fruit, mango and lychee.”

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Azeema launched her business on her Instagram page @Zeestea earlier this summer. 

“Since I have not yet finished with my degree, I would be serving the teas on a part time basis for the year until I graduate. 

“Then I will offer it more regularly.

“Currently for me to ensure I get stock in time, I announce when I am taking orders and which flavours are available via my Instagram story and posts.”

She reveals how her university experience inspired her entrepreneurial streak.

“During my time at the University of Liverpool where I lived out, I made new friends from around the world. 

“It was then when I was introduced to Boba.

“Instantly I was infatuated with the beverage since it had the perfect amount of fruitiness and was so refreshing that it made me constantly crave the drink as it left a lingering taste of the ideal refreshment. 

“Since the city of Liverpool has rich diversity, there are lots of stores that offer these bubble teas to satisfy my cravings. 

“However, when I return to Bolton for the holidays, I miss it so much.

“I vowed to myself that I would try recreating it so that I can bring it to my hometown before I graduate as I would love to encourage others to try the drink and be just as amazed as I was.”

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The Boba made by Azeema is vegan, gluten and dairy free. The tea bases used are also caffeine free. From the distinctive Lychee Green tea with mango popping pearls, to Passion Fruit tea with cherry popping pearls, this exotic assortment has become a trend that is welcome all year round.

Her Indian heritage, Azeema maintains, was an integral part of her ambitious flair. 

“I think every Indian would say this is in their blood! 

“However, I have been very inspired by the many small businesses I see on Instagram and the support they receive from the community of Bolton. 

“I also have a very supportive family who encourage me to do what I love.

“They have known me as a foodie my entire life, so it comes as no surprise to them that I would like to enter the food and drink industry.”