DEVASTATED parents said how they miss their ‘beautiful angel’ who ‘never had the chance to become the little girl they could see growing in front of them’.

At an inquest in Blackburn, heartbroken Sajjad Sadiq and Farat Malik Sadiq provided a touching statement in which they paid tribute to their baby girl, Hana Yasmen Malik Sadiq, who died on August 5.

Three-month-old Hana was found unresponsive by Mrs Malik Sadiq at their home in York Street in Church, at around 9pm, after being laid down to sleep a couple of hours earlier.

Coroner James Newman told the inquest, held at Blackburn Enterprise Centre: “Hana had spent the day with Farat and when Saj got home he took over caring for her while Farat had a short nap.

“Hana was fed and then taken to bed between 7pm and 7.30pm, and Farat stayed with her until she fell asleep.

“She was checked on around 20 minutes later and was fine.”

Mr Newman said Hana would usually be put to sleep on the double bed the couple shared before being transferred to her own cot when they went to sleep.

He continued: “Hana was then checked on by Farat at around 9pm, and found a pillow over her head and vomit on the bed next to her.

“CPR was commenced and an ambulance called and she was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital where she was sadly pronounced dead.”

The inquest heard how Hana had been a healthy baby with no recent illnesses, however her parents said she had only had her newborn injections three days prior to her death, and had become violently ill as a result.

Consultant paediatrician, Dennis Corbett, provided a cause of death as sudden and unexpected infant death.

A statement read out by Mr Newman, from Hana’s parents, said: “We miss our beautiful angel, Hana.

“She was a happy baby who was always energetic, full of life, and already smiling at just four days old.

“She was alert to everything around her and responding so well and would have conversations with us.

“She settled quickly into a routine and was very active and she’d been healthy and happy.

“We had a really good connection with her.

“Hana was a peaceful little girl and getting to be a clever baby.

“She never had the chance to grow into the little girl we could see growing in front of us.”

Mr Newman concluded the inquest by saying Hana’s sudden and unexpected death was a result of an unascertained natural cause.

Speaking after the inquest, Mrs Malik Sadiq told the Telegraph she knew something had been wrong with Hana when she fell ill after having her injections.

She said: "Everyone was telling me it was normal, but my heart was saying something different.

"I do feel I should have listened to my heart instead of taking everyone's advice.

"She wasn't herself anymore. She was trying to tell us something."