We got married just over a year ago. I understood from the beginning that he has children from his first marriage and of course, they should always be the priority.

I don't have children of my own but his children and I get on with each other as best we can.

My husband has been divorced for a few years. During the period where we got to know each other, he made out that he saw his kids frequently and was very much in their lives. He barely mentioned his ex-wife.

Since I have been married I have seen a side to him that he hid from me before.

He is way too involved with his ex-wife. They text each other every day. If she has an argument with her sister, she calls him straightaway to talk about it.

If she needs help with anything in the house, or even her parent's house, he is there straightaway.

I have spoken to my husband about this numerous times as I think it is unhealthy, but the conversation always ends the same way. He doesn't think there is anything wrong with it.

The truth is she acts very helpless and my husband wants to be the one to rescue her.

I wish he had been open about this before we got married as this could have affected my decision to marry him.

It's only natural that a divorced man will come with baggage and a level of complications. But when he eats dinner with his wife at her house just because she texted him to say she cooked his favourite curry, I am going to think something is wrong.

I feel like there are three of us in this marriage.

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