Award winning series ‘Man Like Mobeen’ is back for a third series.

Series 2 ended on a cliffhanger and fans have been keen to know which route Mobeen is likely to take. After the attack on his best friends and threats against his sister, Series 3 of Man Like Mobeen finds Mobeen (Guz Khan) armed, dangerous and out for revenge. 

Determined to resolve things without bloodshed, his attempts to make up for past mistakes see him pulled back into the world of unhinged crime boss Uncle Khan (Art Malik). 

Owing money to Khan, with deadly consequences if he doesn’t pay him back, Mobeen struggles to undertake his criminal orders under the watchful eye of Khan’s useless nephew Nav (Nikesh Patel).

Here’s what’s in store:

Episode 1 – You Reap What You Sow
Now living at Uncle Shady’s “Safe House”, can Mobeen keep his family safe whilst staying out of jail? Or will the dark path he’s being forced down lead to him paying the ultimate price?

Episode 2 - Moving Food
Mobeen is trying to do a good deed by helping out at the local food bank. But juggling this with strict orders from Uncle Khan to launder money could leave him with a deadly debt that’s impossible to pay.

Episode 3 - Permanent Exclusion
Mobeen and Aks must demonstrate their commitment to a good cause to prevent her being excluded from school. This involves attending the funeral of Mobeen’s former teacher - but when drug a deal goes wrong at the church, Mobeen has bigger things to worry about.

Episode 4 – Boys In The Wood
Mobeen steps in to try and save his life and take him out of the firing line. Eight and Nate must stall Harper’s assassin long enough for Mobeen and Harper to escape through the woods.

Episode 5 – This Is The Ends
Mobeen and the gang must get out of Small Heath, but can he finish what he’s started and guarantee his sister’s safety before the police or Khan’s gang take him down?

Man Like Mobeen is written and created by Guz Khan and Andy Milligan and stars Guz Khan, Tez Ilyas, Dúaa Karim and Tolu Ogunmefun

All 5 episodes will be available on BBC Three from Sunday 26th January at 6am.