A chance encounter at a wedding was the catalyst for the launch of a new dessert business.

Tayyub Hussain, founder of Tasty Treatz, speaks about the proliferation of novelty desserts and reveals how he found a foothold in dominant dessert trends. 

He said, “Four years ago, I attended a wedding at an elegant venue in Manchester. 

"After a sumptuous meal and flawless service by the venue we went into the reception area where there was a dessert cart which entailed ice cream scoops and a fruit display. 

“It looked haphazard, like it had been put together hurriedly with no emphasis on the presentation. Furthermore, the staff didn’t seem enthusiastic about the products they were serving. 

“I later learnt that it was an outsourced company who arranged the desserts which was organised by the family and not the venue. 

“The juxtaposition of a perfect event with an almost imperfect ending made me think that a change needed to be made.”

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Tayyub wanted to reacquaint people with the pleasures of dessert showstoppers and so explored the concept of opening up his own business.

“In January 2016 we set up Tasty Treatz Events with nothing but an ice machine. I hit the road making just Hawaiian shaved ice. I wanted to target local events in the North West including birthdays, weddings and mehndis. 

“By August 2017 our success and passion for the dessert game was mirrored in our growth. In late August we did our first major event at the Bolton Food Festival. 

“Now as we have expanded, we have added over 25 new services which include live fun food stations such as live ice cream making, waffles, pancakes, popcorn machines and many more.”

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When it comes to desserts, Tayyub says consumers gravitate towards the indulgent ones that indulge their hedonistic impulses. 

“Traditional desserts with a contemporary tweak are always so popular. 

“Flavours and ice cream trends have evolved with a new Thai technique hitting the UK with full force.

“Rolled ice cream is made by pouring a liquid ice cream base on a frozen metal surface. 

“Then, using a spatula, the mixture is chopped and flicked on average 200 times before the ice cream is rolled into cylinders. 

“We have created our own signature flavours including the sumptuous ghulab jaman roll with pistachio crumble.

“It’s about combining decadence with reminiscent home favourites. It’s the perfect amalgamation.”

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As well as providing the lip smacking treats, Tasty Treatz Events, found on their website www.ttreatz.co.uk also supply indoor and outdoor fireworks, smoke grenades and magic selfie mirrors to enhance one’s event.

Tayyub added, “The events domain is a thriving business and the desire for perfection and precision prevails.

“Everything from concept, to design to food falls under a microscope.

“Our unique, inimitable complete service is what our customers love about us.

“There is no better feeling than seeing a customer’s expectations surpassed and having their craving satiated after eating our creations.

“We believe in introducing flavours from around the world and reinventing them by adding the British touch.”