A Leeds based dentist has spoken candidly about cosmetic treatments and why she thinks there has been a boom in the industry.

Despite some stigma still being attached to the procedures, new technologies and advancing treatments have found the demand to increase.

We speak to Medical Aesthetics Practitioner Dr Jaskaren Midha, about why the treatments are so popular and why she wants to change people’s negative perceptions of this industry.

She told us, “For a while there was a trend where every single person wanted massive lip fillers, but I’m happy to report that this seems to have changed now and generally the natural look is in.

“Recently I have been doing a lot of eyebrow lifts and tear trough treatments.

“Jawline fillers can give that natural looking contour without makeup that so many girls want. 

“The jawline can be the most striking feature on a person and by having filler it can balance the face and give a strong profile.

“Dermal filler in the jaw can also give the effect of a facelift in many cases."

Dr Midha admits the rise in cosmetic procedures can be partly attributed to social media and the rise in advertising on Instagram as well as celebrities having treatments.

“With social media it can be so easy to compare yourself to someone else and it’s easy for younger girls to come in and show pictures of what they want to look like that they’ve seen on Instagram but it’s important to advise these younger patients on what they’re wanting to do.

“I always do natural looking aesthetics and always make it clear I enhance what you have. I won’t make you look like someone else. I love creating undetectable work

“I would also never treat someone who I think is too young.

“At least once or twice a month I do turn people away as I don’t feel they would benefit from any treatment from myself.”

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Doing though research, Dr Midha says, is imperative before contemplating cosmetic surgery. It is important also, she says, to communicate clearly with the medical practitioner.

“A good practitioner will take the time to talk to you about any worries you may have as well as talk you through the whole procedure.

“People need to remember that these treatments are medical procedures.”

As demand for procedures has expanded, Dr Midha warns people to be wary of under-qualified clinics that offer cut-price treatments that may well compromise patient safety.

“There are lots of people out there looking to make a quick quid so take your time when choosing where to have it done.

“I once had a lady get in touch with me whose lip had started to die because she had been injected by someone inexperienced. 

“Luckily, I managed to save it but imagine if she had left it.”

Sharing images of her work on her Instagram page @dr.jaskaren said she was inspired to enter this field as she loves making people feel good about themselves and said her work is complete when a patient leaves her feeling strong, confident and happier than when they walked in.

“I have many people who come to me who have scars or were born with cleft lips.

“I recently had a lady who had suffered from cancer. She was now thankfully cancer free. However, the chemotherapy and radiotherapy had taken its toll on her. She said to me that whenever she looks in the mirror, she now sees a cancer victim. 

“With a little bit of strategic filler placement, we were able to make her look a little fresher and healthier.

“Loving yourself and how you look is hard so if I can help someone feel better about themselves then I’ve done my job.