A photography student has spoken of his aspirations to become a bodybuilder.

Fitness enthusiast Krishan Singh, 16, from Manchester says he hopes to inspire other young people to get active through his Instagram page @flexkrish and his eponymous YouTube channel. 

Krishan revealed he has been exercising since he was 8 years old after he was encouraged by his older brother who saw that Krishan had a natural flair.

The youngest of four brothers, Krishan said his father still does weights today having spent almost thirty years working out.

Krishan spoke about how he developed an interest in bodybuilding.  He said, "I have always enjoyed exercising. 

“I always saw how disciplined my dad was when he was working out. He has been a great role model for me.

"My brother would teach me creative moves and he was so impressed that he would show me off to his friend's!

"I was motivated by Jackie Chan when he was younger and I always wanted to emulate him.

"His resilience was unparalleled."

From the age of twelve, Krishan joined a boxing gym. Four years later, he dedicates his time in a fitness gym alongside studying photography at college. 

"I spend most of my time working out and making videos for my YouTube channel.

"The videos can resonate with all ages, but I do want to motivate people of my age to get fit."

The videos made include "Making time for exercise on holiday," "How to get bigger triceps," and "Five push-up variations."

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Instagram @flexkrish

His gruelling regime includes training in the park doing one handed push-ups, multiple sets of knuckle push-ups and skipping.

Krishan said he maintains a healthy diet to compliment his fitness regime.

“I don’t take any supplements or extra protein. My brother has encouraged me to build my body naturally first and maybe I can explore other things when I am 18.

“I am very health conscious. I avoid sugar and snacks.

“Aside from that I am able to eat what I want as I have a fast metabolism. 

“I am trying to increase the intensity of my exercises and gradually gain weight now.

“I don’t count calories as that, I feel, causes unnecessary stress. 

“My mum is always making roti’s which I can’t resist!”

Asian Image:

Instagram @flexkrish

With a future aim to get involved in competitions, Krishan says he would like to see more of his peers get involved in bodybuilding.

“If you are new to it, I would recommend beginning with basic body weight exercises. Find something you enjoy.

“It’s also easier to stay committed if you are exercising with friends. Healthy competition can spark more activity and there’s more of an incentive to complete activity goals.”

Krishan says he is self-taught and didn’t use a personal trainer, preferring to learn by watching YouTube videos and researching online.

“I am constantly searching for new, challenging routines and varied strengthening exercises to prevent myself from getting bored and staying motivated. It puts the fun back into the workout.

“One can feel like giving up if the exercises become too repetitive.”