Make way for a millennial artist expressing her culture through her art.

Zainab Kalsoom from Blackburn loves to sketch her favourite Asian Instagram influencers, including the beauty queen Vanity Femme and famous blogger Laiba Zaid.

The University of Manchester's 21-year-old student is currently studying psychology but recently found a passion for drawing.

Miss Kalsoom said: “The artwork I show on social media are portraits of influencers on Instagram who are well known in the South Asian community.

“Sometimes, I draw youtubers or singers and actors as they have faces which are easily identified by others and this indicates how well a piece has been done if they are easily recognisable.”

The talented artist sometimes receives recognition by the person she draws, such as Sheikh Beauty, who loved the likeness of the drawing of herself.

Miss Kalsoom said: “Being recognised by these influencers means a lot because they are showing my hours of work I’ve put into my drawings to all their followers and it also helps me with my interactions.

“I hope to see younger British Asians also try and be more creative and expressive with art on their social platforms.”

The budding portrait artist often puts up polls on her Instagram story to ask her followers, who they think she should draw next, and although they think she should draw herself, the student will stick to drawing youtubers for now.

Miss Kalsoom wants to break the stigma that art is not a viable career choice for a Muslim woman, but instead can portray expression even relating to religion or culture.

She said: “I believe that art is a form of communication.

“Everyone can produce art, you have different types like Christian art, Islamic art, Hindu art etc.

“It is a way of expressing yourself and allowing others to see your creative side and spreading a message.

“Being a Muslim, there is a stigma when it comes to drawing the human form as it is seen as competition with God, but I don’t see it in that way, in fact it makes me appreciate god’s creation of the human being even more.”

Miss Kalsoom also uses her love of art to help others.

“Art has given me the opportunity to have been able to go out to different communities as an art worker for a youth organisation and plan art sessions, working with young people from many different ethnic backgrounds.”