If you are considering supporting what is the most right-wing government for your own selfish reasons then think again.

I know by writing this I am likely to get many people trying to make out that things are not as bad they look.

But for a moment just look beyond the carefully choreographed appearances and manipulation by a clearly partisan press.

Some of us have got swept up into this idea that we actually matter to the men in suits. We don't and no matter how you try to dress it up you won't matter in the near future.

I have spoken to several Asians (Muslim, Sikh and Hindu) who are supporting the Conservative Party at the general election. Here is why.

Firstly, they are ‘well to do Asians’ with no real link to grassroots communities.

When I say no ‘real links’ I mean they have little in common with inner city minority communities and no interest either. To them we are nothing but an embarrassment. You know, like the son who shamed the family but we can't completely abandon him in case we need him in the future.

The strange thing is, they only want to be classed as an ‘Asian’ when it suits them. For instance when Royal honours are bestowed on them or they are being rolled out at major functions as ‘a representative of the Asian community.’ Shake hands for the cameras and have your dinner at the upmarket events.

Come out with public statements backing the government because you hope this will help you in the future.

Then all of a sudden we hear the back story about their parents who came to the UK and worked hard for them to achieve what they did.

But as social and financial stature grew, so did their detachment from the experiences of their parents.

This group are voting Tory because it is the best party for their OWN interests. These are the folk who are not affected by spiralling overdrafts and feel they will be better off under a Conservative government.

Then we have those Asians who simply cannot achieve their political and personal ambitions without latching onto the ruling party. They will either have lost out to achieving a candidacy to a Labour or Liberal seat and decided then they must join the Conservatives.

It is noticeable when this happens.

Or their mere existence as a Government spokes person relies heavily on the ruling party staying in power. When you have a good thing going on then why on earth rock the boat?

Many of us think we have moved on from the petty politics of our native countries but we haven’t. Some of us go wherever the winds of fortune blow.

We have those who will always want to back the winners and the government of the day as this makes them feel they have some level of influence.

They will also look down on the fact that they are not ‘Asian’ anyway. They are British.

Being Asian only matters when you can use the back story for attention. But that back story is something alien to the way one lives our life now.

Admittedly, I do sense the Conservative Party will win this election but why should I back what is the most right-wing government of the day because I can be on the winning side?

I know I will be ostracised in the future and probably won’t be first in line for any funding or favours from the government of the day. But it goes against my very ideals to vote for a leadership that has no real reason to assist the most disadvantaged and minorities in this country.