Not a day goes by when we are faced with political parties claiming one is either anti-Semitic and the other Islamophobic. Muslims and Jews - we all just got played.

We were so busy trying to outdo one another we simply forgot what and how deep in meaning those words are.

The Labour party came under fire again for being anti-Semitic and tomorrow we will no doubt hear of how the Conservative Party is Islamophobic.

We became so embroiled in this need to prove this to everyone we got side-tracked. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia became a bashing tool for us all. I will tell you this, none of the ruling elite actually and honestly cares about the long-term impact this will have on minorities.

This is in many ways a lesson on pitting one of set of prejudice against another and then showing which one is more important.

It is a battle being played out teams of PR teams up and down the country and we all fell for it.

I have to ask the question why the print media does not report the cases of anti-Semitism within the Conservative Party with the same vigour as it does with the Labour Party? To do so would undo the work done in linking the Labour party with anti-Semitism.

Sections of the print media who are reporting on the election have lost all credibility and anyone who says they should be still called journalists is severely mistaken. If we read such reports in a third-world country we would comment on how the state run media is backing the despot ruler of the country.

The sad and extremely dangerous point is that leading religious figures and politicians got swept up in this need to call out these evils for all the wrong reasons. It is a horrible place to be. And one that future generations will hold us all to account for.

Social media is also full of self-proclaimed commentators and politicians who want nothing else but to use these words to link them to those they do not agree with. We all had this desperate need to link people to anti-Semitism and call out Islamophobia whilst ignoring actual evidence.

Obscure links, meetings and mannerisms are sufficient evidence to taint people with racism.

If that was something that stands as evidence then the Royal Family and every Prime Minister since the war should be in the dock for entertaining some of the some of history's worst dictators and mass murderers.

Now, some might say I should not be writing about the Jewish faith on a website that essentially deals with Asians. But they would be wrong. As I find it difficult to stand by as educated writers and journalists use these words so loosely for the sole purpose but to smear their opponents.

The reason they are able to do this is because deep down no one actually cares. If they did they wouldn’t use terms such as Anti-semitism and Islamophobia so loosely and with such hatred. There is more hatred coming from those who espouse racial justice than there is from those who are accused of it now.

Let us take a look at anti-Semitism and the Labour Party. People’s distinct dislike of all things Jeremy Corbyn have led them to believe this man is a danger to Jews. A man who has done nothing but stand up for minority rights and the Jewish faith time after time. It is a strange place to be when an anti-fascist campaigner is accused of being the most racist person in Britain.

It does not mean that if you are a Labour party member you are devoid of any racist ideas.

I have seen Labour Party members use the word ‘Paki’ and I have also seen Conservative party members talk about Muslims as if they were some existential threat to their very being.

Am I to believe now that once Jeremy Corbyn is no longer leader of the Labour Party it will become Jewish friendly again? If Boris Johnson steps down will the Conservative Party roll out the prayer mat for Muslims?

That is how this whole scenario is being painted.

The undeniable fact is this. In Europe and the west the threat to Jews and Muslims and all other minorities comes from those on the far-right of the political spectrum. It did a hundred years ago and a hundred years before then. Yet, here we are making people believe otherwise. Told you we all just got played.