A man looking for love has taken matters into his own hands.

After finding Tinder and speed dating events unsuccessful, Shahan Miah, from Bristol, decided to take a more unique and creative approach to dating.

Shahan, 30, launched his own website, DateShahan.com, in a bid to find love.

The online campaign to find his special someone also includes a YouTube video and he has his own hashtag, #DateShahan.

He explains why he took an alternative approach to dating.

“I stopped using dating websites because I always preferred meeting people in person. Also, there was too much time and effort spent on signing up, creating different profiles for different websites and trying to start conversations with people that just wouldn't reply back.”

Shahan is adamant that his novel approach will see a more positive response from women.

“I have had several dates, a combination of proper dates and dating events I had been to, including speed dating events, which I said I wouldn't go back to, but it turns out my website and video is an excellent icebreaker! 

“I also had some "dates" while on The Gadget Show, although this was mainly to test out the technology they had. The girl I met as part of the filming was nice, but I think she was too overwhelmed with the filming experience of the day and I never heard back from her.”

What about other men in similar situations? "I've had someone online who saw me in an article and thought it was a sponsored article for a business, and I had someone write to me who claimed to be a pick-up artist and went to be very critical of women altogether, which was concerning to read."

Shahan admits there may be cultural barriers to him finding a suitable partner and that social expectations can be more of a hindrance.

“I do not feel necessarily part of the community. I don't have a traditional Asian lifestyle and I haven't practiced any religion since my late teens. 

“I come from a family where arranged marriages were the norm, however, more recently relationships have occurred naturally. 

“In my culture a marriage is the only acceptable form of any relationship. I'd always get asked at weddings and family events when I'd be getting married, which would seem to happen more as I got older. 

“I was told I should have already been married and started a family now that I'm 30.”

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Whilst Shahan is not yet sure if he wishes to get married, he does feel ready to embark on a long-term relationship and settle down.

Optimistic that his website will bring his hopes into fruition, he says that he will continue to manage the website even if he meets someone.

 “I have put a lot of effort into the website, video and social media channels so I wish for them to stay up.”