We catch up with Zolekha Bibi who began her journey in fashion by creating unique hijab styles on herself. 

Zolekha, now a professional hijab stylist has been has been making her mark on the modest fashion scene since she was sixteen.

Before long, she was being asked to style head scarves for family and friends. In 2013 she decided to pursue a career in this.

Zolekha, from Bradford, speaks about her statement hijab styles and how she is an ambassador for her business.

“I have been wearing the hijab since the age of twelve. This was a decision made by myself and supported by my family.

“Being a hijabi, I did not want to take my hijab off at weddings, so I started getting creative with hijab styles on myself in 2012. A year later I was styling for clients.”

Since launching her career as a hijab stylist, Zolekha has had the opportunity to be involved in many projects including a recent nasheed video titled “Bulano Phir” by Ahmad Hussain. She also took part in a photoshoot with Bombay Stores.

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@zolekha_hijabstyles (Picture Credit @qsphotography)

Working full time as part of the ambulance service, Zolekha says her job is immensely rewarding. 

“I love helping people. It’s a profession that never stops giving.

“Hijab styling is a passion for me, so I do it as a side business. I dedicate a lot of my free time to it. I enjoy being part of people’s special day and being able to give hijabi’s the chance to wear the hijab stylishly yet modestly.”

Using her Instagram page @zolekha_hijabstyles to convey her work, Zolekha says social media is an integral platform to take note of what’s popular and trending in the moment.

“I find social media picks up trends quickly and with the hijab trend where it’s constantly changing, I’m always coming across new styles. 

“Once a client asked for a Turkish style hijab she had found on Instagram. Although I had never done a Turkish style, I enjoyed the challenge.

“I spend a lot of my free time creating new styles by playing around with different designs and coming up with new combinations.

“I am always experimenting with how I can improve my look in order to give a better service to my clients.

“I take great pride in my own outfits as I want to manifest my designs through my own attire.”

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Styles by Zolekha Bibi (Picture credit @usmanafzaalphotography)

Zolekha says she has seen a dramatic increase in general demand for hijab styling which is on par with modest fashion becoming more mainstream.

“When I started in 2013, hijab styling wasn’t as common as it is now.

“I would hardly see people get their hijabs done and there weren’t as many hijab stylists around as there are now. 

“Styling the hijab for an occasion has become trendy and we can see on the high street how prolific modest fashion has become.

“Sometimes clients ask for multiple combination of styles for one hijab which requires great intricacy.

“Clients often ask for three hijabs to be used to create a style. 

“My signature style has cross pleats with ruffles. It’s an ornate look, one that is so popular with my clients.

“Muslim women are taking more pride in their appearance. People are celebrating individuality.”