There have been concerns after a man was filmed in a temple calling for people not to vote Labour ‘due to them supporting Jihadis’.

In the video a man can be seen reading from a sheet making a wide range of claims which have been attacked.

In the video he says, “We have been completely let down by the Labour Party who we have supported through thick and thin and feel it has been taken over the leftist MP’s and ideology under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

“They are already tarnished by being anti-Semitic, anti-India, anti-Modi and now they are anti-Hindu.

“They are supporters of separatist Jihadis wanting to support violence and strife all over the world, particularly in India.”

He carries on to claim that Hindus and Sikhs are not safe in the UK any more.

Some Twitter users were quick to point out what would happen if this had taken place in a mosque.

Commentator and writer Sunny Hundal posted the video saying, “This is astonishing.

"A Hindu temple in Britain (a charity) is allowing people to make speeches urging them to vote Conservative because Labour won't support the Indian govt on Kashmir. So problematic on so many levels.”