She is angry with me because I have stopped looking after her daughter.

I used to look after her daughter all day while my sister was working. Of course I never got paid for it. I would never ask or expect that. 

I know she's had it tough since her husband left her. 

But after I got married, my husband and I moved away from the area where my sister lives. I'm too far away to look after my niece. 

My sister told me I was really selfish getting married when she really needed me. 

She no longer talks to me as she thinks I prioritise my husband over her daughter. She blames me for her money going to childcare now. 

She is even accusing me of losing my culture and family values because I have married a non Asian. 

It has really upset me that she is behaving like this. 

Now she won't let me talk to my niece on the phone.

It's so sad that she is angry because I am moving on with my life, instead of it revolving around her.  

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