A mistake many make when trying to lose weight is to go on strict diets, restricting what they eat and find that they feel isolated. I’m sure you will agree, that it’s impractical to cook and eat separate meals, or stop eating your traditional meals.

As you start reading my five tips you may think to yourself, I know this. Please remember, it’s not our knowledge that holds us back, but putting it into action.

Set many goals 
Even though your main goal is weight loss, do not let this be your only goal, as you may feel disappointed when you don’t see results immediately. Consider other goals like increasing your energy, reducing belly bloat, fitting into your clothes more comfortably or getting your confidence back.

Focus on what you are adding
Focus on what you are adding instead of dwelling on what you are taking away. The first thought that comes to our mind when “dieting” is how deprived we will feel when we cannot have our favorite treats like biscuits, crisps, Asian sweet or savory foods. Rather than thinking about what you cannot have, begin to focus on what you are introducing into your life to improve it, like fresh nourishing foods or becoming more active which releases endorphins, the feel good chemicals.

Be consistent 
We are all unique and have different circumstances, so make the changes based on what you can realistically do. For example, it is better to commit to exercising only once or twice a week and when comfortable with this, you add in more exercise.

Make doable changes. 
A good example is reducing sugar. Giving up sugar overnight may cause feelings of discomfort as the body will crave it. So, if you are having 1 teaspoon (tsp), reduce it to ½ tsp and then to ¼ tsp. This allows your taste buds to adapt and over time you won’t need to add in any sugar or will have reduced it.

Enjoy your wellness journey 
Being healthy is not just to lose weight but to also age healthily, so keep it interesting and be kind to yourself. Accept that there will be times when you cannot eat healthily, when travelling or at social events. 

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