It is no secret that Manchester is renowned for its legendary culinary scene. Food blogger Duaa Naveed shares her favourite spots around the city on her Instagram page @foodisamooood where she showcases a cornucopia of options.

A food enthusiast at heart, Duaa, 20, began her blog last year whilst simultaneous studying Biological and Medical Sciences.

Duaa reveals why she turned her passion into a blog and how it is a form of escapism for her.

“Food is a type of art and I wanted to share my love with a wider audience, perhaps even help people explore different cuisines and try food they've not heard of before.

“I find solace in food.

“Writing the blog is fun and liberating in every way possible. I find it relaxing and look forward to it after a long, hectic day at university.”

Whilst Duaa reiterates that Manchester is a compelling repository of cuisines from around the globe, she maintains her favourite food is ultimately the dishes that originate from Pakistan.

“I moved to the UK from Pakistan almost 5 years ago with my family which proved to be one of the best decisions on my parents’ side.

“Although I Iove finding iconic dishes in Manchester’s food scene, I absolutely relish Pakistani food. Nothing can come close to the food people back home make.

“Every dish from almost every cuisine is out there, cooked to absolute perfection and I love nothing more than that.”

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@foodisamooood instagram

As well as sharing her tryst with food on her blog, Duaa also uses the social media forum to raise awareness of mental health, with the aim of empowering young people by normalising the discussion of this subject.

“Although we have come a long way as a generation, mental health still isn't talked about as openly in some parts of the world.

“I have seen people who choose constant pain and misery over seeking professional help which is devastating.

“For me, being vocal and raising concerns over important issues like mental health helps paves the path for a better, brighter and more accepting future for the younger generation. 

“I think we owe it to them.

“If you know someone going through mental illness, please don’t leave their side. 

“Be observant. Notice slight changes in their behaviour and make sure to check up on people. Allowing them to talk to you without being judgemental and being patient goes a long way and might even save a life.”

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Taking occasional breaks from social media, Duaa says, is a good way to set healthy boundaries for oneself. “For many of us, social media can feel like an anxiety-fuelled space.

“We have to be able to decide when to turn it off so that we don’t let the negativity seep into our personal space.

“In this modern age of social media, we often tend to forget that not everything portrayed is true. 
“The constant need to do things more ‘perfect’ than everyone else and constant comparison is one of the worst ways you can affect your mental health.

“The urge to have our life together at all times is draining and it's about time we start appreciating our lives. Perfection is honestly so old school and boring. 

“It’s the imperfections that make us individually unique and in my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than that.”