With so many setting powders out on the market, the decision to find the right one has never been harder, especially as it's a product you really need to try before you buy making it harder still.

Baking is a technique of locking your foundation and concealer into place. Typically you apply it liberally and leave it on for anywhere between 2-10 mins. This will ensure your makeup is budge proof for the rest of the day.

Few pointers to consider:

If you have mature skin then look for a very finely milled powder and do a light dusting of powder instead of a hardcore ‘bake’. Lots of powders can be very unforgiving and can accentuate dryness and wrinkles around the eye area. 

Translucent powders are intended to be universal, with the idea that as they are colourless they should suit all skin types. 

However be mindful that this isn’t always the case. If you have a warmer skin tone anything above a mac nc40, it can look ashy and cast a white shadow on the face. 

Warmer Asian skin tones would benefit from a more yellow based powder that compliments and brightens the skin. 

Whist I haven’t tried all of the powders on the market, I’ve had a good go at a fair few of them and here are my top 3 (until a new one comes out and sweeps me off my feet that is!).

1. Illamasqua Loose Powder 15g | £26

How is this powder not being shouted about from every rooftop? For someone who was a bit sceptical about translucent powders, this one proved me wrong the most. 

Despite having less product per pound it actually goes the furthest as it’s so lightweight and ultrafine. It does all it has to do without being cakey and dehydrating your skin. It’s such an underrated powder and one that definitely deserves more recognition. 

Perfect for all skin types it keeps oily zones at bay and works beautifully on mature skin too. The only snag is be careful if you do have a warmer complexion than say nc40/nc42 as it may cast a white hue. 

2. Chanel 30g | £40

This really does feel and look the part with the most product and hefty price tag. However the latter is soon forgiven when you experience the decadence of the product. I mean come on it is Chanel after all!

The description boasts an ultra fine, smoothed and evanescent texture. After a quick google evanescence means to “disappear, vanish.” It certainly does just that and more to my dark circles, with a good helping of concealer underneath it of course. 

It creates a gentle mattifying effect without over drying and offers a buildable veil of powder, so important in avoiding a cakey look.

It's a stunning finely milled powder with silica microbeads to mop up the excess oil. With 5 colours to choose from 20 Clair is my go to but for darker skins I would opt for a yellow banana toned powder.

3. Huda Beauty Easy Bake Setting Powder 20g | £28

I was quite late off the bat with this one, mainly because I’ve learned to calm that eager beaver down within me and see how products pan out first, and the general reviews on this were good. 

The packaging, is sleek, square and sturdy, however what doesn’t work for me at all is the net / mesh insert, the powder slips through it – literally and can be quite messy when you need to get more out! It’s a good powder with a fair amount of pigment and packs that that extra coverage punch. It is scented which a few clients have commented on, but so far hasn't offended anyone. 

With 8 shades on the market there’s a colour to suit everyone. I’d go as far to say it’s quite a heavy duty powder and one I like to wear on special occasions and not really something I reach for on a daily basis. 

A little goes a long way, and if you do have dry or mature skin dust lightly with caution. Makeup looks flawless and photographs beautifully with and without flash perfect for my brides.