Modern eating is often associated with local, organic and minimally processed food. 

Eat With Farah, launched last year, delivers clean artisan food across the North West.

Farah Master, from Bolton, is capitalising on this trend and is shaking up the food industry in her own inimitable way.

Farah reveals why she is committed to bringing a healthy lifestyle to others. “I have a background in Health Education around preventing Type 2 Diabetes. Within this role I see how obesity and unhealthy eating has a major impact on people’s health.

“I educate people in ways to improve their lifestyle through changing their eating habits and physical activity in order to prevent developing Type 2 Diabetes and other health conditions.

“Based on this I decided to launch Eat With Farah which aims to change the way average people eat on a day to day basis.”

Her interest in creating innovative dishes arose from a young age with Farah often monopolising her mother’s kitchen in a bid to explore novel cooking techniques. 

“My mum will always be the best cook in my eyes. She has influenced me the most and always encouraged me in the kitchen as I took on many of her skills and implemented them within my own cooking.

“I was constantly experimenting with food at home as I was growing up. 

“This came from helping my mum in the kitchen from a young age which is where my passion for cooking came from. 

“I then started to take over the kitchen and cook dishes from watching food programs and creating my own twists.”

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Farah’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle and her appreciation for nourishing and fresh food is documented on her Instagram page @eatwithfarah where she maintains clean eating is not ‘boring.’

“Many people still have the misconception that clean eating is bland and tasteless. 

“This is evident when conducting market research as many people assumed clean eating is “tasteless,” “mainly consists of broccoli” and is often referred to as “rabbit food.”

“Eat With Farah took all of this under consideration and created a menu which was fun and exciting, which customers could not buy from any other food places.”

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Working alongside her husband, the duo found culinary inspiration from their many travels abroad and brought that influence into their business.

“Having been well travelled I have always loved different practices of cooking and trying and tasting new flavours that aren't in the UK. 

“Considering we live in a multi-cultural society, I really wanted to bring that experience closer to home.

“Bringing these ideas to Eat With Farah was a special moment.”

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Farah’s passion for serving fresh produce comes alongside a philanthropic approach as she provides hot food to the charity Homeless Aid UK. Farah explains how this initiative began.

She said, “I stumbled across the Homeless Aid UK page on Instagram and I was really moved about the work that they’re doing within the community to help tackle homelessness. 

“I really wanted to get involved with this and I thought what better way by being able to provide the homeless with hot food. 

“In order to gain more awareness about this charity and the work they do I decided to offer my customers a chance to give back, so with every Eat With Farah iftari meal which was purchased during Ramadan, I would donate one hot meal to the homeless. 

“It was amazing to see how many people wanted to reach out and purchase a meal just so I could donate a hot meal to those in need.
“This is something that I have started to do on a regularly with Homeless Aid UK.”