Imagine a place where you can search for a driving Instructor in your area. We speak to Shakoor Gafoor of the JustDrive App.

What is unique about the JustDrive app?
Firstly, it is one of the first apps to be released into the app market where learners can search for a particular driving instructor that is ideal for their needs. Secondly, it is a unique tool designed for instructors to manage and promote their professional identity. 
It was designed and implemented to take into consideration the fact that instructors lead busy lives. This is an online management platform which is available as an app on their phone.

How will this app benefit learners?
This app will benefit learners in a vast way as, nowadays, the trend is the use of social media and apps. This will appeal to wider generations. In using the JustDrive app, they can enter a postcode. From this it will instantaneously bring up local driving instructors, not only their contact information, but also their profile information which includes reviews from previous learners who may have passed their test with the instructors. The JustDrive App is an appealing, efficient and reliable tool, which includes both ADI & PDI approved instructors.

What was the inspiration to launch the app?
My inspiration for the app came from driving into work one day whilst I was sat at the traffic lights. In front of me there happened to be a vehicle which was the car of a driving instructor. It then dawned on me that there is no real management tool out there on the app market for driving instructors and learners. 
It was just in literal talk, a “brainwave.” Once I thought of the idea, as I am a man of ambition, I started the market research and plans for the development of the app.

However, my inspiration for this venture is my supportive parents. 
How many instructors have tested the app and what has been their feedback? 

I have had at least 1000 instructors register on the app portal. All the instructors registered are ADI or PDI approved. We have had instructors register from Nelson and as further afield as Scotland to London. Most instructors that have registered have left reviews on the app store. I have personally contacted instructors/learners who have registered with the app and asked them several questions regarding the efficiency and ease of use of the app. All app users have provided excellent reviews.

When will the app launch nationwide?
Currently, the app is available nationwide. The potential reach for the app is quite phenomenal. We are currently working on a marketing plan to establish a niche market.