A matrimonial website aims to help disabled single Muslims find their life partner.

Disabled Muslim Matrimony, launched in 2015, hopes to challenge stigmas of disability and marriage by providing a comfortable environment for users to find a potential match.

As well as the website, they also hold events across the UK to allow single Muslims to meet with carers and chaperones having free entry.

Tasneem, founder of Disabled Muslim Matrimony told us why this facility is so important. She said, “Sadly, in our communities some of our disabled sisters and brothers find difficulty in getting married.

“Approaching the topic of marriage can sometimes be a taboo, therefore, our goal is to raise awareness about some of the issues disabled Muslims face when searching for love.

“We understand that some disabled Muslims may be reluctant to marry due to various reasons. We want to encourage disabled Muslims to complete half their deen as we consider them to be a great asset to our society.

“We believe they possess amazing personal qualities and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and benefit others.”

Tasneem said the service has had a positive response with members articulating the importance of it. One member said he faces many challenges due to misconceptions people have about his disability, saying people look at him “in a bad light" and claims he was “not given any consideration." 

He added, “It’s really sad and frustrating that this type of mindset actually goes against Islam. Our Prophet (PBUH) eradicated this type of thing nearly 1500 years ago, but we've actually gone back in time as a society.”

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Another member stated, "automatically people tell others not to marry disabled individuals.”

Tasneem revealed some disabled Muslims may be reluctant to marry as they are uncertain about whether they will be accepted or not and feel discriminated against. 

“We want to encourage everyone, regardless of the nature of their disability, to get in touch with us so that we can support them through their matchmaking journey.

“Whether you have physical disabilities, learning difficulties, disfigurements, neurological conditions, blindness, deafness, mental health related disabilities or are on the autistic spectrum, we at Disabled Muslim Matrimony want to provide a safe, welcoming environment to help people find a lifelong partner.

“Everyone has the right to be loved, be married and be happy. It's a basic human right.”

The Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Paralympian and two times European Champion Ayaz Bhuta said, 

“I’m honoured to support the Disabled Muslim Matrimony service. I think it’s a great initiative to help disabled Muslims. 
“Hopefully this service will help reduce the stigma towards disability and marriage in the community.”

Many parents of disabled Muslims have contacted Tasneem to extend their heartfelt thanks, which Tasneem said was “extremely humbling.”

“We want to make a difference in people's lives. There is a need for this service and so many people are expressing their happiness and relief that something is finally being done to help our disabled brothers and sisters.

“If we can make a difference in even one person's life, we believe we have achieved something great.”