A model from Manchester has spoken about diversity in the modelling industry and says modesty is respected in the fashion world.

Manchester born Aishah Khan, who graduated in Architecture last year, says she is now able to direct her focus on modelling. 

Aishah began modelling in 2015 when she was scouted in University. Since then, she has modelled for brands including Asos, Kush and Asiana. Aishah’s work has seen her travel from Turkey to Germany for photoshoots.

Speaking about her journey, Aishah said, “My love for fashion grew when I was working during my University days.

“When I wasn’t going to lectures, I was an in-house model for a supplier and Asos. 

“I loved experiencing how things are done behind the scenes of these huge online brands. 

“I was doing a lot of different shoots with fashion photography students at my University and talented local photographers.

“Whilst I was doing this for fun and challenging myself, inadvertently I had created a portfolio for myself which I then took to an agency. 

“I have been with Cactus for a while now and it is the best agency.”

Asian Image:

Model: Aishah Khan; @shax_ali campaign; Photographer @wwags; Styled by @wahastudio; Outfit by @saniamaskatiya; Jewellery by @sokorajewels

Aishah maintains that the support of her parents has been unparalleled in her career. She said, “Initially my parents were apprehensive about the industry and were concerned that it may interfere with my studies.

“However, they had confidence in my work ethic and my attachment to my faith, so they trusted me. 

“My family have come to watch my shows which meant any negative misconceptions they had were swiftly allayed.

“At family gatherings they are very proud to go through my magazines.”

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As well as eating nutritious food and maintaining her physique, Aishah says modelling has led her to work in challenging climates in order to capture the perfect image.

“Every time I work with Kush we remember our first shoot.

“We were on the beach for a jewellery campaign, but it was absolutely freezing. We had lots of laughs and the shoot was stunning. It was the coldest shoot I have done.”

Speaking about greater representation within the fashion industry, Aishah is optimistic that there has been a positive shift in perception leading to more diversity.

“Many brands have a united vision to promote inclusivity. 

“As a British Asian model, I have seen diversity being embraced.

“Boundaries and beauty ideals are constantly being pushed.

“In terms of obstacles it is often about swimwear and showing your skin. But no matter what people say, you don’t have to show it all to get far.

“In my experience, everyone in the industry is respectful and professional.”

Choosing a career in modelling, Aishah said, requires passion, rigour and positivity. 

“It’s important for the next generation of British Asians to have role models they can relate to.

“The landscape of modelling has changed. I believe you can embrace and champion your heritage and simultaneously use that as an advantage when modelling.

“With potential and discipline, I think you just have to take every situation and make sure you are ready for all opportunities.”