COUNCILLORS have come together to condemn a xenophobic letter sent to a Somerset representative.

Somerset County Councillor Giuseppe Fraschini, who represents Taunton north, received a letter by First Class post from a resident that left him 'lost for words'.

The handwritten letter wasn't sent anonymously but Cllr Fraschini did not publicly reveal their name.

He posted the racially-charged mail onto his Twitter account.

The letter reads: "Giuseppe, I guess you are a foreigner.

"Drawing money from this country to go on holiday to your own - no doubt.

"I can't afford a tin of mincemeat, let alone a holiday.

"Priority origin support."

In response he wrote: "Just received this hand written letter from a local Taunton North resident after I delivered my newsletter on Thursday.

"Literally lost for words.

"At least she had the decency to sign her name and provide her address.

"What should I do?"

Other councillors have come out in support of Cllr Fraschini.

Cllr David Fothergill, leader of Somerset County Council, said the letter was 'utterly unforgivable'.

He said: "Giuseppe was born in the UK, who’s grandfather was a stalwart of the local fire brigade and who is one of the hardest working community councillors I know.

"This letter is just utterly unforgivable."