My husband is always complaining I am not adventurous enough in the bedroom.

If he's not complaining about that, then he says we are not being intimate enough.

It's like he counts quantity over quality. 

His constant whingeing puts me off anyway. I don't want a hug from him let alone anything else when he starts nagging.

I'm allowed to be tired. 

I'm raising three children under the age of five. It's exhausting. 

On top of that, I'm cooking food for his parents and driving them to doctor's appointments.

He doesn't realise that for me to be in the mood, I need to be relaxed and at peace mentally. 

It's difficult to get in the mood when you're drained because the baby won't  eat properly, or you're worried because your eldest keeps biting kids at school, or you're still upset after the saas called you lazy because I used tinned tomatoes instead of fresh tomatoes in the haandi. 

When I explain this to my husband, I can see his eyes glazing over.

Honestly, I wish he would just cheat on me to take the pressure off me.

I would let someone else satisfy him if it meant I could fall asleep at night without yet another lecture from him. 

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