Gucci kay NAKRAY Primark kay Kapra (The Gucci logo on Primark clothes): This is the perfect line which comes to mind when I see these social media “celebrities” in real life. Social media is a great platform to keep up to date with what your friends and family from around the world are upto. Which I think is great.

But at the same time the bull**** levels on social media are unreal. Let me tell you of two people which I've noticed recently on my social media.

Baymaan (idiot) 1: posting cool car pictures and "driving" them at speed and constant pictures next to a new car everyday I thought this lad had won the lottery! I was genuinely happy for the guy thinking he has a fleet of cars wow. 100's of likes and comments and he wasn't exactly saying I've bought these cars etc but by posting a new car everyday on the gram made it look like was a rich kid on Instagram. 

Which gave him this pedestal which naturally made him above all and this false sense of reality that he was as big as a councillor on the “gram” 

So he had pulled the wool over my eyes until I went to get my car washed and seen this insta celebrity from a distance taking pictures of a car at the car wash. 

I approached him and said nice car wow you own this etc etc he replied as though they were his but didn't actually say they are not mine. 

He then leaves and then my car finishes up being washed I get in to a conversation with the owner and discuss this legendary insta celebrity...the owner is in hysterics when I show him the insta celebrities Instagram page... 


This celebrity would visit the car wash once a week for a couple of hours chat with the owner and take picture's or videos of the cars and post them on Instagram like they were his own. My head was spinning and I just thought the levels people go too keep up the facade is unreal!

Baymaan 2: There's a new trend with Asian girl MUA's, Influencers, and travellers on Instagram. There Instagram pages are beautiful by seeing a glimpse of their pages you'd think they were part of the Kardashian sisters or they were some sort of celebrity. 

But the sad reality is they are normal people like you and I.

I seen a "influencer" on Instagram and I followed her and liked her posts her likes where in the 1000's and here following was in 5 figures.

She looked the real deal. She came across as a “prestige girl” with her constact avocado toasts posts and face masks to her starbucks meetings. With the 100 levels of makeup she was wearing she would give Angelina Jolie a run for her money. 

Then came the day where I was at the famous Faisal Cash & Carry in  trying to find some Keralay (bitter gourd) as these guys apparently have freshiest keralay in town (Faisal cash and carry I expect free keralay for life now)...I found the kerelay and was walking to the counter when at the glimpse of my eye I noticed my Instagram celebrity had posted a new post it was picture which had glimpse of the same floor I was currently stood on.

I turned to the right passionately and there she was. My Instagram ni khaki. My social Jaahniman.

In real life she went from a 10/10 to a -1 and she was not as fair as she looked on her pictures nor was she as curvy.

She wasn't prestige, and shopping at waitrose and Selfridges 24/7, she was in fact a basic girl from a basic town who uses her social media to portray something she is not.

Now if you are still reading, my views are my own. If you notice one thing about me I am myself.

I will help people to get to wherever they want. I show the parantay that I have every week that my mum makes me. I don’t pretend I’m a supermodel, nor do I pretend I’m a millionaire. I’m just a genuine hard working person. 

There’s always a positive and negative to these Baymaans. People look up to them and say I want to be like “them”, or they seek guidance and advice from them. Some people even pay a subscription for weekly advice. Which is great. 

But truth is most of these people are nothing but actors. Pretending to live a life that they’re not living. The sad thing is a lot of these people are con artists, out there to rob you. 

I have no problem with these social media Baymaans. I actually find it amusing that they perfect it so well. And nobody rocks something which isn't there's better then a Asian! 

P.S This article isn’t aimed at anyone in particular. It’s just data I’ve seen over the months and it’s just fascinated me. If you think its aimed at you then your clearly one of the many baymaans on social media.

Written by Rocky Rollay