Why do we feel the urge to vent our frustrations against any ‘Indian’ over the Kashmir issue?

I have read countless posts in the past week with people who like to call themselves ‘intelligent’ and ‘God fearing’ who have been abusing any Indian person they can find.

Many a time the feature has nothing to do with Kashmir or the Indian government. So why this need to be abusive? Is this our way of assisting the Kashmir cause?

On the one side you want people to respect people of all religions and cultures yet you are happy enough abusing someone because of their religion. Because let’s face it – it is the flavour of the week.

One week it is Indians and the next week Jews over Palestine. Some readers will try to discount this claim but this happens and few of us are likely to speak out because to do so means you are ‘siding with the enemy.’ The Kashmir cause may well be close to our hearts but the fact is it is not the fault of every single Hindu and Indian you meet.

Yet, we vent and by doing so we are simply doing the very same thing as any other person who vents against Islam when a bomb goes off.

When that happens all of a sudden we are up in arms about trying to appease the non-Muslims by telling everyone ‘we are not all to blame.’ That our religion is one of peace.

It is understandable that tensions can get a little out of hand but why must we go through this process at all? Why do we have one rule for other religions but feel so aggrieved when the same level of blame is attached to the rest of us for the actions of a government or a few.

Palestine and Kashmir are our favourite two causes because lets' be honest and open about this - it is where Muslims are clearly being subjugated and persecuted. Sadly, the very same people tend to turn a blind eye to those parts of the planet where the Muslim nation is the oppressor.

How about realising hate is still hate and it doesn’t matter who it is directed at.