The energy levels pulling us away and towards each other,
Why is that?
Desire, filling the holes, without any bother.

There is so much compatibility and connections, in some areas and not in other sections.
Is this where the journey ends?
No, we make our journey through time time, as it will heal and mend.

Yes bigger picture in relationships to work, compromise and   civil understanding, seriously no joke.
Climbing ladders on career paths, enduring hardship  to ease, there’s no room for a breeze.

Vision needs to widen not narrow,
Hitting the bullseye with a bow and arrow.
We’ve all been through the dark tunnel hoping to see the light,
Getting us out of each plight.

Some are stuck in the tunnel, leading to a mental health issue, 
Confused and unforseen circumstances out of the blue,
The way out seems unbearable,
To the world we’re not unstandable.

Digging and tunnelling our way out,
That will never be sought,
If we see the light, we’re very positive in our thought process,
Through positivity, we proceed, succeed and express.

To the end we see light, triumph we’ve established the goal,
Feeling like we’ve hit gold,
Gleaming bright within our soul,
Never too late to make it through, shaping us and carving us into a solid mould.

I am an freelance writer. I have been expressing my poems on Instagram for two years as a hobby. I have blog under the name of Expressive_Poetry©.
You can follow me on Instagram @_expressive_poetry