I didn't think it could hurt me this much. I found out at work when a friend sent me a Snapchat picture of the engagement. 

The engagement looked like so much money had been spent on it. Much more than on ours.

I saw the picture and threw up. I spent the next hour sitting on the floor of the bathroom.

Since then I've obsessed over his new fiancee's Facebook page and have downloaded all her pictures.

She looks so similar to me, just a much younger version. 

It has only been 6 months since our divorce and he has already moved on. 

He left me after I couldn't get pregnant. Well, it was his mum who kept telling him to divorce me, that I was a burden and pretty much useless if I couldn't produce a child. 

She would tell me that it would be better for my parents 'izzat' if I walked away quietly. She even offered me a sum of money to agree to the divorce.

I thought my husband's love for me could survive his malicious mother.

I have been left feeling betrayed and wonder if he ever really loved me. 

I don't know if I can ever trust a man again.  My world fell apart whilst his simply moved on.

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