I want to leave home. I need a break from my life, just for a week.

I am about to book tickets to fly abroad but I am not sure when or what to tell my husband.

I can't take the constant pressure with the kids always crying, my husband expecting a clean house every evening, my overbearing mother-in-law who expects me to drop everything just to chauffeur her around.

My life is being lived for everybody else. I have become lost in the process.

No-one ever asks how I am am or cares about what I want to do.

My husband is always comparing me to other women saying I should be organised, more in control, slimmer.

He complains that I don't ever initiate anything in the bedroom which left me feeling like I had absolutely no confidence in myself.

He expects me look after his parents and our three young kids who are all under 5.

Ever since I stopped working and became a stay at home mum, it feels like he doesn't respect me anymore or appreciate anything I do.

When I try and talk to him in the evening, his eyes glaze over.

I even suggested a family holiday to try and be together in an informal environment, but he went and invited his parents too.

From the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep I am playing different roles for everyone else.

I am unhappy, depressed, but my husband thinks I am being ungrateful because I have a house, money and children.

Sometimes I do feel guilty, that I should be happier.

Of course I love my children to bits, but when they cry, which seems to be for the bulk of my day, I feel like such a failure.

I need to get away from my home, from the people that are doing this to me, just for a week or so.

I think something this drastic will make my husband realise what it is I do.

I wish I didn't have to resort to this.

I am going to leave the kids at his mum's house and then go straight to the airport. I'll text him from there and then switch my phone off.

I need to do this to cope with where I am in my life at the moment.

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