My daughter-in-law has made it very clear she thinks we are beneath her from the moment she married our son.

Her family didn't even introduce us to their friends at the wedding.

We have only been invited by our son to visit when she is away at her parents house. She has only come to the house once when my husband was ill, and even then she refused to eat, saying our food was too fattening for her.

Then she commented on our furniture, calling it old fashioned and pendu. Her insult wasn't lost on me. I know she meant that me and my husband are pendu, 

We were not even invited to our grandson's birthday party.

We wanted to go to their house, but my son said he would visit us with our grandchild instead. His wife did not come to the house.

He didn't tell us that he was having a big birthday party for his baby.

He invited business colleagues and friends. His wife's family were all there, but we were not even told about it. We heard about it from someone else.

I know it is his wife's influence, but at the same time, he is showing us that he is embarrassed of us. 

Why would he not want us there?

Both my husband and I sacrificed so much to raise our son and send him to the best university. And now our hard work has been forgotten.

It is heartbreaking to be rejected by your son.

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