Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has hit back at accusations that suggested she did not have 'a Conservative bone in her body."

She went to suggest in another exchange that as a British Muslim she is accused of being 'too bloody conservative' and then 'not Conservative enough' by members of her party.

Sayeeda Warsi said, "Wow Ben Enough! For the sake of good decent members of your family I have tried to dismiss the ongoing hounding, bullying and dirt digging you’ve been engaged in as silly boy obsessive behaviour. But if you carry on I will speak about it publicly. Stop it"

She was responding to this Tweet by Ben Goldsmith who said, "One of the worst decisions David Cameron ever took was appointing the dreadful @SayeedaWarsi to the Lords, enabling the media to describe her as a ‘top Tory’, even though she doesn’t have a conservative bone in her body (and has a set of friends to make any Corbynite proud)."

He went on to add, "Warsi’s politics involve working behind the scenes to advance the agenda of a small and highly illiberal minority of British Muslims, including by publicly trashing anyone (Muslim or not) who questions their ideology, and yelling ‘misogynist’ and ‘racist’ if anyone calls her out."

Ms Warsi said, "Problem with being a British Muslim is that I’m accused of being too bloody conservative! The problem with being a @Conservatives British Muslim is that I’m accused of not being Conservative enough! Look just call me a P—- This respectable racism 💩is too hard to deal with🤦🏽‍♀️"

Jemima Goldsmith was quick to back Ms Warsi, "I take it you disagree with this, tweeted by Zac, calling @SayeedaWarsi “a star”- “her critics don’t like her because she ticks 3 very un-Tory boxes: she is female, Asian & Muslim...She is a huge asset to a Tory-led cabinet seen as distant, unrepresentative & out of touch.”

Ms Warsi said, "Thank you as ever @Jemima_Khan for the support & solidarity You have been a constant beacon of love & unity & to be fair both @ZacGoldsmith @BenGoldsmith were also supportive before that awful dog whistle 2016 Mayoral campaign  "Sadly your brothers lost their way sister "