More than a third of Britons have admitted to snooping on their partner’s devices and social media accounts to find out whether they are guilty of cheating, a study has revealed.

Four in 10 people confessed to spying on their other halve’s phone at least once a week, while one in five men said they waited until their partner was asleep to use their fingerprint to unlock their phone.

Afshan said she felt it was her right to check her husband’s phone, stating if he has nothing to hide then he wouldn’t feel guilty about it.

“I check his phone without fail every few days. I want to know who he is talking to and also I need to know what his friend’s are up to.

“I think they are a bad influence on him so I check their messages to keep an eye on them too.

“There is no harm in it is there? He has no idea I check it because if he did he would delete the messages.”

Samra said she only checks her husband’s phone so she is aware of the activities of her in-laws.

“My sister-in-law’s text my husband regularly.

“They never tell me anything about what is going on. By checking his phone, I am not snooping. I’m just staying on top of what is going in their lives. And really, I should be aware of these things anyway.”

Adil, who has been married for only six months, said he not only checks his wife’s text messages but also her emails.

“I am not a control freak. But I have to check them because she tells her mum and sisters everything. She discusses our private matters with them, anything my mum has said.

“I tell her not to, but she does it anyway.”

One woman who asked to remain anonymous said she trusts her husband, but admits she checks his phone.

“I’ll be honest with you, I don’t check his phone because I am worried about him cheating on me or anything like that.

“I only check his phone because I don’t like his mum. So when she rings his phone, I delete the call before he can see it.

“He always leaves his phone lying around so it’s easy enough for me to get hold of.”

Irum said if you trust your spouse, there is no reason to check their phone.

“I would never check my husband’s phone and he never checks mine. People who check phones are insecure and have trust issues.

“I would hate the thought of waiting for him to go into the shower before I sneak around looking for his phone.

“What kind of marriage would that be?”