As Ramadan begins there is a huge surge of Muslims sharing content via social media.

In recent years WhatsApp videos and memes have become one of the most common ways for people to gain access to content they would not normally watch or read.

One of the most alarming features is how people are now sharing videos without realising the anti-Semitic nature of the content. Some of these are in English but a growing number are in other languages.

This video has been used to include content from another source. Clearly the original content is not being narrated with this voice over. 

A man speaking in Urdu talks about the importance of not having fizzy drinks to open your fast.

He goes on to say cold and fizzy drinks can have a negative effect on your long-term health and could even cause death.

But then a link is made to the fact that many of the major fizzy drinks companies are owned and run by Jews. The speaker also claims that according to the Quran, Muslims are not permitted to have relations or friendships with Jews in any way.

It further adds that during the month of Ramadan they have ‘purposely planned’ to increase the gas content in fizzy drinks so whoever consumes them will be affected.

Such videos are being shared by some Muslims without looking at the context and the backgrounds to the content.

If a video was being shared which supported anti-Muslim conspiracy theories there would indeed be understandable uproar.

So, why are we so irresponsible when it comes to such content?