Mothers are a great blessing they sacrifice their time, love and all they have just to make us smile and be safe. 

We can never repay our mothers for what they have done for us ever. I would like to dedicate this article to my beloved mother and all the mothers who are reading this article. 

Every mother is special because they have been granted a high status and esteem by our dear Creator.
As a result paradise is the reward that has been promised for those who serve and look their mothers well. 

Every society is made up of blocks of family units. The stronger each block is, the stronger the structure of the society. 

Families are thus the building blocks upon which rest the fate of society. For the development of good families, the mother plays a vital role. 

Many women today have aspirations of progress in their careers, and degrees in various fields. 
However it is indisputable that the most important achievement of a mother is the raising of sensible, virtuous children who will then move on to build other strong blocks for society. 

It has been said that it is easy to bear children but it is difficult to raise them well. In that lies the challenge for all mothers.

It is the right of your mother that you should appreciate that she carried you the way nobody carries anybody, She fed you the fruits of her heart which nobody feeds anybody. 

She protected you [during pregnancy] with her ears, eyes, hands, legs, hair, limbs, [in short] with her whole being, gladly, cheerfully, and carefully; suffering patiently all the worries, pains, difficulties, and sorrows. 

Till the hand of God removed you from her and brought you into this world. 

Then she was most happy, feeding you forgetting her own hunger, clothing you even if she herself had no clothes, giving you milk and water not caring for her own thirst, keeping you in the shade, even if she had to suffer from the heat of the sun, giving you every comfort with her own hardships; lulling you to sleep while keeping herself awake.

A good mother has outstanding qualities. No one can replace her in the life of her children. 
The following are some of the things which make her so unique.

A mother’s love is unmatched. Whether young or old, healthy or handicapped, troublesome or obedient, the child is still beloved to the mother. 

This love may be displayed in various forms. Sometimes children misinterpret scoldings and rebukes to be a sign of lack of love. It is important to assure the child that he is always loved, even when his behavior warrants disciplinary measures. Such a child becomes confident and happy, and will never seek solace elsewhere. 

The love of the mother becomes a source of happiness and peace at home. Children feel attached to the home because of the mother.

A good mother places the needs of the child, both physical and emotional needs, first. This is an important point to keep in mind, especially in these modern times. 
Women today are deluded by society into making their own careers and jobs more important than their homes. The home will always remain a woman’s most valuable work and that may require all types of sacrifices. 

It is not really a sacrifice, but is an investment which will reap great dividends.
When a baby is born, he is totally unaware of the outside world. 

The mother plays an important part in introducing him to the world. The outlook that the child will form towards life depends a lot on the mother. His attitude, his views - religious or otherwise- his perspective on life and its goals, will all be gained from her. 

Eventually he will mature and perhaps form his own changed views, but the initial years and what he learns in them will always have a lasting impression on his mind. 

Motherhood is a career, and those who take it up must try and excel at it. It is the duty of every mother to look into better techniques and strategies of parenting. 

A wide variety of material is available, both Islamic and secular. 

Although Islamic material may not be abundant in English, many secular books and magazines are published about parenting. Reading these from time to time helps increase awareness and vision. 

When a mother reads about problems that parents face, she is comforted by the fact that she is not alone. 
That is very reassuring as often parents assume they are the only ones having difficulties. 

Also, reading about solutions used by other people, or advice given by psychologists etc. helps broaden the choice of possible tactics in dealing with children.

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