I remarried when my children were older. My first wife and I decided to stay together for the sake of the children, but once they went to university, we thought it was a suitable to get divorced.

My second wife is much younger than me and in many ways is the complete opposite of my first wife.

It was all going so well until we got married. She seemed to switch personalities once the nikah papers were signed.

She doesn't like me paying my ex-wife maintenance.

She stopped talking to me for 15 days because I paid for my daughter's holiday.

For some reason, she thinks I am spoiling my daughter, even though I have plenty of money to go around.

My daughter received a text message from her step-mother saying she should have paid for her own holiday now that she is nineteen. My wife even told my daughter that she should get a job and live off her own money instead of asking me for money. That really upset me.

And what is ironic is that my wife takes out chunks of money from the cash machine and sends it back home to her family. 

She thinks I don't notice and she pretends that she is buying clothes or things for the house with that money.

I am happy to help out her family if they need cash, but it bothers me that she is trying to take my money secretly.

I regret getting married a second time.

I can't have my children and my new wife in the same room without there being an awful argument.

My wife thinks I should stop talking to my children because she feels they don't respect her.

My life has been more stressful in one year than it was in the eighteen years of my first marriage.

The thing is, all my friends told me not to marry her as they didn't like her.

I can't exactly divorce her without making myself look like a fool going through a mid-life crisis.

I am trapped. And it's my own fault.

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