An Egyptian man divorced his wife after she failed to lose weight following their 3-year-old daughter's birth.

The couple were married for four years.

Speaking to local media, the man known as Ramy, said he left his wife because “all her diets kept failing and she seemed careless about dropping the extra kilograms."

Rami added, "We truly loved each other.

"She's my best friend's sister and we met through him. Everything was great at first and we rarely fought but it all changed after she got pregnant and gave birth.

"The moment she got pregnant, her appearance started to change and after giving birth she weighed over 100kg. She dropped to 96kg during the breastfeeding phase and I didn't say anything even though my sister and friends all lost their baby weight after giving birth.”

Rami further stated that he asked his wife to lose weight numerous times.

“She'd complain that her diets aren't working and get angry at me, saying: 'So you married me because I was thin and when I gained weight you no longer want me?’ "She would cry or get upset but wouldn't make any changes. I couldn't take a second wife due to my financial situation and didn't want to do anything prohibited in Islam so I quietly divorced her.”