From fashion design student and a dream of owning her own business, designer Sana Zinga developed her first creations by working in her grandfather’s attic at the age of 21.

Now with her own sumptuous brand of bridal wear and modest fashion, Sana, speaks about her journey to success.

“As a young, Muslim women I found it hard to find clothing to wear on special occasions that were modest without being 'ethnic looking.’

“I wanted to design a party wear and modest wear line that appeals to people from all backgrounds. 

“My passion was to provide high quality garments with high end looks at affordable prices.”

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Sana’s creative trajectory was a unique one.

“After I graduated with a first-class degree in Fashion Design from the University of Central Lancashire in 2016, I decided to start my own business. That was when I launched my eponymous brand Sana Zinga Ltd.

“I worked from my grandfather’s attic as a 21-year-old with no previous business experience.

“This was a huge learning curve. 

“However, with hard work and perseverance the results started to show as I successfully launched several collections under the Sana Zinga brand.

“After an online presence gathered momentum, the label was rebranded as Valenci.”

The stylish minimalism of Sana’s creations mark her out as a distinguishable designer. Sana explained her structural perspective. 

“I try to create simple garments with an edge and unique details.

“I design by making the dress pattern and manipulating it to create the layers and details. I like to keep fabrics simple with a little statement. Less is definitely more.”

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Having developed its own unique aesthetic, Valenci has already established itself as a leading name for the Eid fashion scene.

“My first collection was an Eid collection and that's what Valenci was recognised for. 

“We then launched our occasion wear range a year later and it had a great response.

“Our party wear and Eid collections are our most popular ranges.”

Sana has now expanded her brand to include bespoke bridal gowns.

“I'm excited to see where the foray into bridal collection leads me. Every bride dreams of the perfect outfit, from modern cuts to a sense of timelessness.

“Each bride usually has an idea of the look they want to achieve. It’s a special and poignant process.
“I love helping them bring it all together from embellishments, fabrics and silhouette. 

“That's the beauty of the bespoke bridal service, we can tailor to every person's taste and personality. 

“This year we've had many brides requesting the plain satin, crepe gowns with no embellishments. This is most certainly influenced by the royal wedding of Megan and Harry. Brides-to-be have been inspired by the clean aesthetic of Meghan’s wedding dress which was a plain dress with a lace veil.”

Creating beauty and simplicity is a multifaceted undertaking and Sana values the design process and its effect on her clients.

“Valenci aims to create clothing that is inimitable and that makes every girl feel comfortable. 

“My aim is to have every girl feeling their best when wearing Valenci.”