A WOMAN who carried out vodka and cocaine-fuelled attacks on a taxi driver and six police officers has been spared jail.

Ellie Burns, 20, of Roundwood Glen, Ravenscliffe, was found guilty of racially aggravated assault towards a taxi driver on April 21, 2018.

She also admitted racially aggravated harassment and assaulting a police officer during the incident, theft and assault of two more police officers on January 7, and assaulting another three police officers on January 24.

Bradford Crown Court heard how a taxi driver was called to a job at 5am, and when he arrived sensed something was amiss and pressed his panic button.

Burns and a man approached his car and began hurling racist abuse at him, before Burns punched the driver in the face, causing bruising and a cut to his eye.

She was then taken in a house, where she continued shouting abuse from an upstairs window, and when police arrived she struggled during arrest, causing a cut to an officer’s finger.

Back at the station, the same officer was kicked and spat at, and Burns threatened to bite the officer’s nose.

On January 7, while clearly intoxicated, Burns stole a packet of cigarettes from a petrol station in Killinghall Road.

When asked to give them back, Burns, who had a large bottle of vodka with her began shouting abuse at the shop assistant and cleaner.

When police arrived, she pulled over a sweet display and smashed her bottle on the floor.

Police said she was “animated and swaying, clearly drunk”, and again threatened to “bite an officer’s nose off” before spitting at police.

She was “thrashing and uncooperative” during arrest the court heard, kicking an officer, before banging her had against the metal cage in the back of a police van.

On January 24, police were called to reports of two women fighting, and when officers tried to get into the property Burns told them to “f**k off”.

Inside, three friends were found hiding in a bathroom out of fear of Burns, who was again intoxicated.

She elbowed an officer in the chest and attempted to headbutt another, and while being restrained on a bed spat in an officer’s face.

A spit guard had to be used, and she kicked an officer in the stomach, and had to be physically restrained in the police van to stop her hitting her head against the wall.

Burns has previous convictions for similar offences of violence.

Camille Morland, in mitigation, said Burns accept she needs help with her alcohol and drug use, and was “utterly humiliated” by her behaviour.

She works at a care home, and Ms Morland said “there are two very different sides to Ellie Burns”.

In sentencing, Recorder Amy Mannion said: “Assaults on police officers are not acceptable.

“This is a pattern of offending and on each occasion you had been drinking heavily and using cocaine.

“I can see you are ashamed. Sober and drunk Ellie Burns are two very different people. Your behaviour is spiralling and action is needed now.”

Burns was handed a 15-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to undertake nine months of drugs rehabilitation and spend four months on an electronically-tagged curfew.

She was also ordered to pay £450 compensation - £150 to the taxi driver and £50 to each police officer.