Few restaurant interiors in the North West will rival the East Z East Blackburn. But how is the food and service?

It is normally good to wait for a few months when a new restaurant opens.

For those who have not been to the East Z East Blackburn, on first impression it really is a sight to behold. Stunning seating and a layout that would not look out of place in central London.

The interior has been completely renovated and it is nestled in between an historic part of the town centre.

We have the library opposite and the town’s major entertainment venue, King George’s Hall, next door. This part of the centre will make up the next phase of the town centre regeneration and when it does, it will be the focal point for the town.

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Until then, customers visiting East Z East may come across building work. But don’t let that put you off in any way.

They have decent chefs here and the dishes do keep to the high standards you would expect.

The East Z East brand was always synonymous for bringing us those extra touches both with the service and the cuisine. From the serving of the naan bread to the starters, East Z East has its own style.

It is these little nuances that have kept the brand a little ahead of the chasing pack.

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A traditional lamb karahi and the butter chicken were on our menu during our visit. This was complimented with a mixed starter which is a combination of lamb chops, fish tikka, seekh kebabs, chicken wings and samosas.

It is good to see that they have made a real effort to get the food right here.

For those of us who visit restaurants across the North West we tend to make our minds up quite quickly about repeat visits based on how well the traditional dishes are cooked.

The restaurant is licensed and has a luxury bar area so it makes for a really good mix of people from all backgrounds.

A private dining area, which is equally as luxurious is available for small parties.

East Z East is based at Northgate, Blackburn.