Move over PBN and Manpreet, you have been overshadowed in your own song!

The young girl in yellow, who’s dancing is so upbeat and energetic, makes Manpreet’s moves look so mundane.

This raises the question, why did Manpreet hold back in this video when she herself is a well-known choreographer and her dancing style could have taken this song to the next level?

When she did dance, it was not with the enthusiasm I am used to seeing from her Instagram videos Standing there, looking pretty has not done her justice and the song was such a wasted opportunity to showcase what she is made of.

The song itself isn’t anything above the ordinary and is reminiscent of the bhangra songs we all heard in the around 15 years ago.

I can imagine wedding DJ’s will have ‘Nachna Ni Ohnda’ on their playlist but I don’t imagine it will be one of their most requested songs. 

Don’t get me wrong, PBN has been around for a long time and for this he deserves respect as an artist but he really needs to bring his music into the new decade.

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