The only thing I want to comment on Ahmed Khan’s new single ‘Alisha’ is that your audience is bored of seeing half-naked girls dancing in a club while you sit back like some self-proclaimed don (don’t even get me started on the video to Lifestyle).

As for the actual song, I find it to be so confused. I cannot imagine wanting to listen to it except when I want to use it as an example of a bad urban Asian song.

Boasting that his influences are Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Noor Jahan, Ahmed’s music shows no signs of being inspired by such musical greats.

Now for some positives, the production/marketing team behind Ahmed must be a good one as the music sounds well produced and the whole Drake-esque image seems to work for him and it has earned him a bit of a following.

In order to take his sound up to the next level, Ahmed will have to work out his own signature sound rather than jumping on the back of other current successful artists. 

I am looking forward to what he releases next.

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