Sunanda Sharma first burst on to the music scene with her debut single ‘Billi Akh’ but despite having more than 22 million views. I wasn’t sold on her vibe at that time.

‘Billi Akh’ was very reminiscent of Miss Pooja when she was taking the Punjabi music industry by storm (showing my age here a little bit) and the song didn’t provide anything new or fresh, neither did the successors ‘Patake’ or ‘Jatt Yamla’.

Cue ‘Jaani Tera Na’ (released 2017) which now has in excess of 209 million views on YouTube and has rocketed Sunanda Sharma from a Punjabi pop princess to the ‘Queen of Expressions’. Her dance moves have improved, the music is catchier and her lyrics are just pure Punjabi poetry.

Sunanda’s attitude and acting in ‘Sandal’ (Released 1 March 2019) is so entertaining to watch.

Singing of her ex’s ‘new friend’ and how she will never compare to her, with some of the most creative criticisms, has got to be the best thing I have heard from Sunanda so far and I cannot wait to hear what she has prepared for us next.

This track has already attracted 22 million plus views as well as the attention of YouTubers such as Shivam Grover who has released his own satirical version of Sandal called ‘Reply To Sandal’ providing the guys with a cheeky comeback. 

Its clear to see that this artist has well and truly established her position in the music industry with Apps such as ‘Tik Tok’ now breeding mini Sunanda’s copying her facial expressions in the hopes of being featured on her Instagram page.

There is no getting away from Sunanda and her growth as an artist has been so impressive that I am certain we haven’t seen the best of her yet so watch this space.

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