The manner in which some of us discuss the Ahmadiyah community shows we are no better than those who post racist comments.

Even a simple mention of the subject has people clambering to tell everyone else that they are ‘not proper Muslims’ and ‘we should be wary’ of that community as a whole. This is soon followed by further malicious comments.

This blatant bigotry is something we must face and challenge.

To ignore it means we are allowing things to fester and a whole generation is being taught to hate minorities or those whose beliefs they may not agree with.

One only has to scroll through comments on social media to view people posting openly hateful comments towards the Ahmadiyyah community.

This hatred manifests itself through the idea that speaking up against them is in some way helping Islam. We are defending Islam by speaking out. The more I speak out the better Muslim I am. The more hateful comments I post means I am telling those in my immediate circle that I am not afraid to stand up for Islam.

The fact is, one may not agree with another religion and its tenets but we must learn to accept that in Britain you cannot expect yourself to be treated in one way and then repeat the very same hatred against others.

Are we really so insecure about our own faith that we must repeatedly put down another? It certainly seems so.

We want to claim our rights as British citizens who are free to pray without interference from outside bodies but we do not wish this for other minorities.

This blatant hypocrisy is something I have seen first-hand in discussions with Muslims and it is time we challenged it head on.

Yet, those voices are being stifled because any attempt to say this leads us down that perilous path where your own commitment is questioned.

One should be able to state this openly without this idea that you are in some way denigrating your own beliefs.

This worrying trait in some of us is something that is already affecting younger generations who are simply repeating the mistakes of their forefathers. We are passing on the idea that it is okay to be prejudice against Ahmadiyyahs. It is becoming an almost acceptable form of intolerance.

We are keen to fight against Islamophobia in all its forms but why do we go silent when this very same level of hatred is directed at Ahmadiyyahs?