A speaker outside a school in Birmingham has been criticised for suggesting that a teacher is 'reinterpreting religious scriptures' because of classes teaching about same sex relationships.

West Midlands Police said it was also reviewing video footage circulating on social media to "establish whether any additional offences have taken place".

A video circulating on social media and shows a speaker shouting 'shame, shame, shame' and is soon joined in by children.

Parkfield Community School in Birmingham will reportedly continue teaching about LGBT relationships after Easter.

The school had always planned on returning to its No Outsiders programme next term after a planned break from the inclusiveness and diversity lessons.

It was reported the school was temporarily ceasing the lessons following protests from parents who argue they are against their faith.

A West Midlands Police statement read, "Parents have gathered outside Parkfield Community School exercising their right to protest peacefully on a number of occasions.

"Officers have been working closely with the school, the local community and the parents to facilitate the protests, and prevent a breach of the peace.

"No formal complaints have been made to West Midlands Police by Parkfield Community School, or any of the staff who teach there. "A school governor contacted police after homophobic graffiti was daubed onto the school premises during half term. This matter is currently under investigation.

"As a force we remain wholly committed to tackling all forms of hate crime, as such behaviour is completely unacceptable within our many diverse and multi-cultural communities.

"Video footage circulated on social media is being reviewed to establish whether any additional offences have taken place."