The Inter Madrassah Organisation (IMO) is launching a new ‘Junior Citizen Award’.

The community group has been successful in securing grant funding from the Scottish Power Foundation. 

This project will be delivered to the young people via the local primary schools in Blackburn with Darwen.

The main aim of this project is to promote social integration and help the young people to raise aspirations, which will help them to build better foundations and become role models for the borough and the country.

Stephen Jones, IMO’s CEO said, “We are so pleased to be able to play such a crucial role in educating young people about shared values, working together to explore new skills, gain knowledge and to work, live together and achieve as one community”.

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The ‘Junior Citizen Award’ is being delivered through a number of primary schools across the town to year 5 children which will encourage the young people to learn and develop self-esteem, confidence, resilience, tolerance, an understanding of celebrating diversity and team-spirit.

Jayne Ivory, BwD BC Director for Children’s Services said, “I am delighted that IMO have been successful in securing this exciting opportunity for a group of our children in Blackburn with Darwen and I look forward to meeting young people and hearing about the difference this has made to them as individuals, their families and their communities. 

"I think that the delivery of the Award through our primary schools is a great opportunity to enhance the existing work they are involved in with Social Integration”.

The project will provide important information in a fun and memorable way to approximately 300 young people, open opportunities for older young people to volunteer, which will help them, all to reflect and remember in the years ahead. 

Christine Seddon, IMO’s Education and Employability Director said, “This project has come to IMO at a very crucial time and it will enhance the local integration work of the borough. I hope to see many local schools engaging in this important and well needed project".

Ann McKechin. Trustee and Executive Officer of the ScottishPower Foundation, said: “Inter Madrassah Organisation stood out to us immediately as being a project that is making a profound difference to the borough of Blackburn with Darwen, not only for the young people taking part in the Junior Citizen Award, but to the individuals that they then meet.

“By developing confidence and encouraging the celebration of diversity and team spirit at such a young age, IMO are building a stronger community for future generations to come. We’re looking forward to hearing more about participants’ experiences this year as they complete their Award".

This project will entail different modules and each of the modules will help the young people to understand each other and work together cohesively.

Throughout the project, young people will record their achievements as they complete each of the modules in a booklet specifically designed for the ‘Junior Citizen Award’.  

Upon completion of the modules, young people will be given the opportunity to celebrate their achievement and in recognition, will receive a ‘Junior Citizenship Award’ in the form of a Certificate and Badge.

Sayyed Osman, BwD BC Director for Adults Services & Prevention said, “I am delighted that Inter Madrassah Organisation (IMO) have secured this opportunity for the ‘Junior Citizen Award’ to be delivered in conjunction with primary schools in Blackburn with Darwen. This programme will help young children develop some key skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Being young is exciting but also challenging. 

"I am particularly keen to see how we can develop self-esteem, personal resilience and confidence to help their mental wellbeing. Being tolerant of other cultures, religions and backgrounds means that you have to learn and share, this is also a great link with the wider work we are doing as a borough to promote social integration".