Car registrations that resemble the name Mohammed could fetch up to £500,000.

YSA Plates of Preston have a range of unusual registrations which have earned the interest of people from across the UK.

But those which resemble Muslim names seem to caught the eye of buyers.

Speaking to Asian Image, Ali said, “MO11AMD and MU11AMD have been popular and we are looking to receive bids for these.

“I believe the plates are unique as they clearly spell out the name Mohammed which is the most popular name in the world.

“Our Mohammed plates are probably the closest you can get to the actual spelling of the name in a legal UK number plate format.”

The company already has also had interest of others names such as P6YSA (Paysa) and ROY417Y (Royalty) which could be just as lucrative.

Ali added, “I think number plates can give you an identity. People can be personally attached to the plates, you will be surprised to the lengths people go to find and secure number plates especially if it has a family or family member name on it.

“Number plates are a very good investment, something that you can sell or pass down to the kids. They can also become a good marketing tool for businesses.”

Asian Image:

The website also features the registrations FAI00DA (Falooda), ARA8I4N (Arabian), YAS4R (Yasar) and SHI5HAA (Shisha).

’25 O’ bought for £518,000 bought by Ferrari dealer John Collins in 2014 is the most expensive number plate in the UK. ’51 NGH’ (Singh) was sold for £254,000 in 2006.

And in 2015 a wealthy Indian businesswoman bought KR15HNA (Krishna) for £233,000.

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