A woman says she booked her flight back to the UK after being racially abused and attacked in Budapest.

Twitter user @saffrongrace_shared a picture of her injuries and told of how herself and an Asian friend were attacked in the Hungarian capital.

She posted, “I spent 36 hours in Budapest before I was racially assaulted on a busy street in the middle of the afternoon. Fearing for my safety, my friends and I booked a flight home that evening.

“My experience in Budapest was one of the most unsettling experiences in the my life.

“For the whole day I was stared at, men shouted at me from their cars and eventually I was physically assaulted. The man then went on to assault the Asian man who was walking behind me.”

When told she should not go to certain countries she replied,

“No. I absolutely SHOULD be able to travel without someone feeling entitled to put their hands, in my case their feet on MY body & cause harm. This is not justified because I ‘shouldn’t’ have been there. What ‘shouldn’t’ have happened is this assault.”

Other users were quick shared their experiences