Make no mistake, Nish Kumar is a comedian at the very top of his game. Blistering energy and pace saw him whip through jokes on Brexit, America, racism, toxic masculinity and the state of the world today in his set at Weymouth Pavilion. He has so much energy and I haven’t yet seen another comic who can keep that intense pace for a nearly two-hour set.

Politics and Brexit featured hugely, as you would expect from the host of the Mash Report and recent panellist on Question Time. It’s clear Nish is on a mission. A warning to Leave voters, he doesn’t think it’s going very well and will certainly tell you this!

It’s rare that you see a comedian who doesn’t lose energy after interruptions. Every time he took an aside or an ad lib, he further united the room with his likeability. When one person took a toilet break, he turned it into one of the funniest moments of the night, in a kind way. In fact, he was so nice about it several other audience members asked if they could also be excused. This led to Nish complimenting us at the end of the night saying it was the longest show he had yet done on the tour; although not all of that was due to him and was in part due to the toilet-related mini-break half way through. The good news is he promises to return better prepared for Weymouth’s toilet break needs next time, laughingly suggesting he would bring ‘bedpans for all!’

Nish kept the warmth, friendliness and unity of the room even when dealing with the divisive B word. The Pavilion was packed, and the audience loved it. The whole room, from teens to grandparents, were laughing from start to finish – clapping, applauding and in all, the room had the feel of being down the pub with your hilarious mate. He has a likeability and warmth that fills the room, with a capacity for self-deprecation and gentle self-mockery that is endearing. However, he also possesses a passion and forthrightness that is as well placed as it is timed - from one-liners to anecdotes he tells them all with gusto. The message of the show is very much about creating laughter, even when things feel bleak.

As always, I’m impressed by the Weymouth Pavilion theatre and must say a huge thank you to the team for another amazing evening of entertainment! A big shout out should also go to Nish’s warm-up act, the brilliant Tessa Coates. Instantly likeable, she did a hilarious set about anthropology and dating apps - I urge you to see her if you get the chance.

So, if you want to see a comic at their absolute peak - this is your chance! Go and see Nish! He will be back, just over the border in Somerset at Westlands, Yeovil on March 31 on the final night of his tour. You won’t be disappointed.